Enjoy the best of Internet radio on your iPhone


  • Gorgeous user experience
  • Keeps a detailed profile of your musical taste
  • Artist biogs
  • Links to buy songs via iTunes
  • Accurate recommendations


  • Sometimes a bit slow to respond

9 allows you to listen to your own personalized radio stations and connect with like-minded music fans through your iPhone.

If you don't have a account, don't worry because you can sign up very quickly, easily and for free when you start the app. Once you're in, the world of music is your oyster. You can start your own station, whereby you can simply search for an artist or pick a style of music from a wide and precise selection of tags. will then play you music from matching artists in a very neat and attractive player.

The player console includes buttons for tagging your favorite songs, banning certain tracks from appearing again, skipping to the next song, and access to an options menu. This pop-up menu enables you to share a song with your pals, add tags, add it to your playlist, and even includes a link to buy on iTunes and download it directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There's also an Info button, where you can view a detailed biography of the artist your currently listening to.

There's much more to this app than just playing music though, and has a whole range of profiling and social networking features attached to it. For instance, it keeps a log of all your most listened-to music, lets you share music with friends and informs you of upcoming gigs and events you might be interested in, based on your profile.

Using on the iPhone is truly a glorious experience and if you don't have an Apple phone, it's almost worth buying one just to use this. It really is that good. In fact, you'll probably find you'll spend more time on than you will listening to your own MP3 collection on your iPhone. is one of the best, if not, the best free music applications available for the iPhone.

Addresses an issue where streaming could stop while the app was in the background Various bug fixes


  • Addresses an issue where streaming could stop while the app was in the background Various bug fixes

Download 3.2.2

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