Scrobbler Scrobbler

The ultimate in free social music radio


  • Audioscrobbler
  • Works even if you don’t have a music library
  • Saves your last 10 stations
  • Listen to neighbour and friends’ stations
  • Search stations by tags or artists
  • Detailed artist info


  • Big window
  • Free version has limited features


The Scrobbler is a free app that places the “social music revolution” onto your desktop, giving you access to thousands of tracks from all musical genres.

The beauty of the Scrobbler is that it encourages you to find similar artists to the ones you already like and pushes you to interact with users who share the same tastes. Search results appear as a tag cloud, with the biggest elements being the most popular. With thousands of songs available on, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll listen to the same thing twice. The Scrobbler is streamed and you’ll have to be connected to the internet and have a account for it to work.

Although slightly bulky, the Scrobbler is sleek and accessible. We like the shiny control icons and the “now playing” window. This is where you’ll find artist information like album cover, a small description of the artist, related tags and artists and top listeners. The Scrobbler menu bar on the left includes your recently played tracks, recently loved and recently banned, although to listen to these you’ll need to upgrade your account.

With the Scrobbler, you can connect to neighbors' stations and listen to their tunes. The lists of the friends you made on will also appear on your player. If you have the Audioscrobbler plug-in installed, Scrobbler can also track all the songs you play in your favorite desktop music app (like iTunes) and connect you with even more neighbors.

Most of us here at Softonic have connected all day, simply because it doesn’t require you to have your own music library, it’s free and provides an endless flow of new tunes. In line with modern evolutions in online music, Scrobbler mixes streaming and social tools to give you an exciting music player.

The Scrobbler - no music fan should be caught dead without it.

All-in-one language release


  • All-in-one language release Scrobbler

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