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  • by Anonymous

    This is bad. It comes up as malware and when you try and delete it there are components left behind. ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    The Scrobbler was set up in seconds. In less than a minute I was listening to great sound. For wo...   More

  • by Anonymous

    This is the best station i ever came across, I found no flaws in this station at all, it ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Great program, but has some serious drawbacks..
    The ui is not capable of being sized smaller than 567,438. Strea...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Not what i'm looking for.
    I think is good for those who really want to hear random song, it is a good pr...   More

  • by Tom Clarke

    The best music program for Windows. is a wonderful program for music lovers running windows (and it's al...   More